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Data backup solutions aren’t just for businesses.

We often ask our home customers if they backup their data. The answer we invariably get is no, as people often think of their home data as less important than their work data. Unfortunately though, for the many who have lost their home data, the answer to the same question would be resounding yes.


Lost photos and other valuable memories

Losing personal data can be very distressing, we know because we see the result of this in our workshop. Following hard drive failure we work to recover lost valuable memories such as family photos, school/college or university work or important personal data. The recovery process can be expensive and as a worst case data can be completely lost.


Lost or stolen laptop

Technical issues aside, have you ever considered the loss of personal data due to theft of a home laptop/computer. In this scenario there is little to no chance of recovery.


Affordable and Simple Home Backup

Backing up your machine really doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. We are happy to help advise our customers on easy and cost effective backup solutions are best suited to the type of data stored by most home users.  

Home Computer Data Worth Backing Up

  • Your documents and recent files
  • Application data
  • Emails
  • Photos
  • Music


Give us a call today to discuss your backup options: 01276 818461


Why should I upgrade from Windows XP?

Security mainly! Since 8th April 2014 Microsoft stopped rolling out security updates for XP. This means that your computer is susceptible to hackers and other scammers, who could exploit bugs that Microsoft is no longer fixing to gain access to your machine and steal your personal information.

We can help you make the switch

We will upgrade your machine from Windows XP.  During the process we make sure we back up all your files and restore your machine to exactly what it was before the upgrade. 

If however you plan to upgrade your own machine, just remember that you will need to preserve all your programs, files and settings, so its important you backup your data!

Can I upgrade to Windows 8?

It's not out of the question, but Windows 8 isn't designed for installation on PCs running Windows XP.  Our team can help you if you are in this situation.  We have some great deals on new laptops or hardware upgrades which we are happy advise on.

Even better still...

If you upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8, Microsoft has pledged a free upgrade* to Windows 10.  This offer is only available to qualified new or existing Windows 7, Windows 8.1 devices that upgrade in the first year.  Once a qualified Windows device is upgraded to Windows 10, Microsoft will continue to keep it up to date for the supported lifetime of the device, keeping it more secure, and introducing new features and functionality over time – for no additional charge. 

*T&C's apply please refer to Microsoft site for more information


Did you just hear the sickening sound of a crack as your laptop hit the floor? Cracked laptop, tablet and computer screens are one of the most common reasons home users walk in to our Camberley / Frimley IT repair centre.

All is not lost, we can very easily and quickly repair the vast majority of broken screens at a competitive price.

Why choose a local IT workshop over large high street IT superstores?

No-fix-no fee! We do not charge you to look at your machine, before you incur any expense we give you the opportunity to walk away without incurring any costs.

High street superstores will charge you £50 to assess your machine even before proceeding to repair it!

Cost of a screen. The cost of a new screen depends on your device but on average it could cost anywhere from £60-150.

Repair time. We know you need to get up and running ASAP. We do all our repairs in our Camberley / Frimley based IT repair workshop. Depending on the lead time for screens we can normally replace a broken screen in 3 days.

High street superstores will send your machine away to their repair hubs. This means it could be 7-8 days, or even longer before you get your machine back.